(JL Robb) “There is no rapture,” the forty-something woman in the next booth said, speaking to someone I could not see but knew it was a he as I overheard the conversation last week. Chick Fil A was not so busy this particular morning. It was quiet and the folk in the next booth were talking loudly, and it was impossible not to listen. Since I was doing research for this article, The Great Rapture Debate, I considered the conversation a Gift from above and proceeded to eavesdrop. It was my duty!

Rapture Theory traces its roots, according to most Christian scholars, to John Darby in about 1830, an English-Irish theologian who introduced the theory of a pre-tribulation rapture in which believing Christians would disappear in an instant, the twinkling of an eye, before hell on Earth breaks out during the 7-year tribulation period as described in the Book of Daniel and Revelation. READ MORE




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