(Kay Winters) For the Lord says to the First Nations of America, “I am He that sits above the circle of the Earth, enthroned in holiness. I am the First and the Last, and I am coming full circle to revisit Native America. My eyes of fire are penetrating the layers of rock to uncover the foundation upon which I have made covenant with the First Peoples of this land.”

For the Lord says, “Long before the Pilgrims and Puritans inhabited this land, I revealed Myself to the Native Tribes, as they are the bedrock and root of America. From this root, I will shake the heart of America with the power of My love, My forgiveness and the demonstration of the power of My Spirit.

Indeed, I shall infuse the First Peoples with a heavenly joy and laughter that will destroy the mountain of death that has overshadowed them and restricted the fulfillment of their destiny. The years of tears shall be but a memory as the mountain of death crumbles underneath their feet by My delivering hand.” READ MORE