France’s recent support of a UN resolution denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount is a “total travesty,” a prominent French-Israeli artist and political activist told The Algemeiner on Wednesday. Ron Agam was referring to an April 16 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) resolution labeling Judaism’s holiest site — and Islam’s third — as a Muslim holy site only.

In the motion ahead of the vote, the Paris-based organization referred to the Temple Mount by its Arabic name, Al-Haram Al Sharif. Following the vote, Agam wrote on Facebook: “This week France voted at UNESCO for a resolution that denies any connection of the Jewish people to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

At the same time, France wants to convene an international summit for peace between Palestinians and Israelis. How can Jews and Israelis trust France’s integrity when on the eve of Passover, they insult the entire Jewish people with this shameless vote?” READ MORE