There is a strange phenomenon occurring with the endangered bald eagle population in Maryland: 18 of the magnificent birds have died in recent weeks, and wildlife investigators are stumped as to why. As reported by National Geographic, a person in Sussex County, Delaware, called state officials in recent days to report finding several disoriented bald eagles in a farm field. Three of the birds later died in transport following failed resuscitation efforts while the remaining pair were transferred to a rescue center.

A mile away, someone else discovered another dead eagle, and days after that a fifth bird was found dead and another injured after investigators went back to the field for a follow-up. This comes after a previous discovery of 13 dead bald eagles – and not of natural causes – along Maryland’s Eastern Shore, only 30 miles away, bringing the total up to 18. And again, so far investigators don’t have a clue as to why the birds are suddenly dying. READ MORE