It’s something you’ve likely seen in the movies — it’s something you may not know is also happening in real life. People are getting chips implanted into their hands in an effort to make daily life a little bit easier. From opening doors to making contacts to sending emails — a growing group of people are all-in.

People here in the Twin Cities are embracing the extra-personal technology. Set in the far-off year of 2021 is the 1995 film “Johnny Mneumonic.” A movie that inspired a boy named Tim Shank, growing up in Indiana. “What little boy didn’t like sci-fi, I loved sci-fi. “Star Wars,” all the way through it,” said Shank.

And thus a passion was born. “That to me is a very inspiring concept, that we can be more than we’re built to be,” Shank said. “That’s really where a lot of my passion comes, because there are so many limitations and conditions that we have as people that we can overcome if we put a little energy into it and a little technology. READ MORE