A 27-year-old Maryland woman is seeking to normalize naked breasts by spending time bare chested in public.  Chelsea Covington has spent the last three years channeling the ‘topfreedom’ movement and says: ‘Walking bare-chested is still a powerful act for a woman, especially when done quietly, confidently and peacefully.’ Her blog, Breasts Are Healthy, documents her journey as she spends time in states where it is legal for her to be bare chested, such as Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York and New Hampshire.

The latter state had a bill to regulate attire defeated Wednesday, months after an attempt to ban women from showing their nipples in public was quashed in March.  There are a number of places in the US where women who expose their breasts in public are technically committing a crime, such as Utah, Indiana and Tennessee, according to the GoTopless website. READ MORE