(Kelly Mcdonald Jr) First of all, this is NOT an endorsement of any candidate or a prediction of what will happen; it is examining a pattern of history and the present to share a possibility of what could happen. Something strange is forming in American politics. It is a perfect storm of evil that may permanently change this country. Let’s look at our current political landscape.

We are presently in the midst of an ugly political campaign for president. It appears that Trump is all but the candidate for the Republican Party and that Hillary will likely be the candidate for the Democratic Party. This campaign has been terrible in terms of the attacks levied. The Republican candidates at times resembled little children hurling insults at each other.

The country is more divided than ever. The left-wing groups are able to mobilize and radicalize quickly. Violence is always an option for the left. Many conservatives (especially Christians) have an attitude of apathy towards politics because the candidates for the Republican party are not “pure” enough politically. READ MORE