Too many American Christians are so obsessed with their personal gain in Christ and zeroed in on how to avoid persecution and the Great Tribulation that they fail to advance the kingdom of God. So says Michael Snyder. In an interview with Jim Bakker, The Economic Collapse Blog’s Michael Snyder tells the televangelist that American preachers today are a far cry from the likes of Charles Finney, aka “America’s Greatest Evangelist.”

“All throughout history and today in many parts of the world, Christians have suffered and died for their faith,” Snyder says. “But we’re so afraid of that, and we think, Oh, we’re so special that we’re going to get a get-out-of-jail-free card, when really the church in America is a complete and total mess.” Herein lies the problem when preachers fail to discuss the harsh reality that accompanies following Christ. READ MORE