Steve Chalke, founder of Oasis church, has applied for a license to offer same-sex “marriages” in his church. If his application is successful, Oasis Church, in Waterloo, London, will become the most high-profile church to offer same-sex “marriages” in the U.K. Steve Chalke is also hosting an “Open Church” conference next month, featuring speakers such as General Synod member Canon Andrew Cain, who defied the Church of England and married his same-sex partner in 2014.

Steve Chalke revealed the news whilst launching a new charter where churches can sign up promising they will be inclusive of individuals who identify as LGBT. Supported by pressure group Stonewall, his “Open Church Charter” includes a commitment to provide same-sex “marriages” “within the scope of current British law.” Steve Chalke claims that the overwhelming majority of churches will agree to the charter. READ MORE