People wind up in hell because while on Earth, they exchanged the love of Christ for something—money, sex, power, happiness—they thought would be more valuable, John Piper says. “This is the infinite outrage in the universe, that human beings prefer something else to God,” Piper said. Hell exists, Piper said, because once the exchange is made, nothing worse can be done.

“What we call evil, hurting each other, that is just little expressions of that,” Piper said. “All the rottenness that we do to each other is deriving its rottenness from the ultimate rot of exchanging God, saying to the infinite Creator and the most beautiful reality in the universe, ‘I don’t want you. I don’t prefer you. You are not attractive to me. You are not satisfying to me. I get no pleasure from you. This is my desire. This is my treasure.’ READ MORE