Glenn Beck, former Fox News host and the founder of Blaze media products, called on America to join him for a fast in the lead-up to the presidential primary. He’s spreading the word with the Twitter hastag #Tuesdayfast. In a Facebook post, Beck wrote: “I have asked for this in the past and was mocked. It is okay.

I would like to ask that you, your family and friends join me for a day of prayers, fasting and humility. To beg the Lord to not remove His hand from us. To turn to Him and ask that He will heal our land. Beginning Monday night and running for 24 hours ending on Tuesday will you pray and if possible fast like you have never done before?”

Beck began his post by telling the story of George Washington who, in 1789, “raised his right hand and placed his left on the Bible which had been opened randomly to Genesis 49 … then walked a few blocks to attend a service … and spent four hours in prayer and made a covenant with God.” READ MORE