Hundreds of “Frozen” cartoon film fans took to Twitter to press Disney, the producer of the children’s mega-hit musical, to make a sequel – only this time, give the leading lady, Elsa, a lesbian love interest. The hashtag “#GiveElsaAGirlfriend” took off on Twitter, with posters and media pundits noting that the takeaway song from the Disney film, “Let It Go,” was already a big deal among LGBT community members.

As a writer with the Independent noted: “What better candidate is there for that honour than Elsa, whose own journey of acceptance with her powers has widely been interpreted as a metaphor for coming out? … [W]hy not turn the subtext into text and give Elsa a female love interest in the studio’s slated sequel for the film?”

Among some of the pro-“gay” posts on Twitter was this one, from Jeffrey Marsh: “#GiveElsaAGirlfriend because LGBT kids deserve to know that there is nothing wrong with them.” READ MORE