(Ryan Lestrange) Recently I have received so many messages from friends about lying accusations and spiritual attacks. It seems that as people are identifying their purpose and making strides towards their destiny, the enemy is creating unnecessary conflict and distraction. These slanderous attacks and accusations flow from the arsenal of hell. It is sad to say but they often come from other people in the body of Christ that should know better.

One particularly ugly manifestation of a spiritual attack is slander. I have seen leaders with a Saul spirit assassinate the character of an emerging leader. They often do it in the form of a warning to someone else. Typically, they are simply spreading something that they have heard and they do not take the time to discuss it with the person involved. These types of rumors also flow freely from believers towards churches, ministries, and preachers that they have never met or encountered. Far too often, one Christian is accusing a fellow believer without ever bringing the unproven issue to that person. How do we avoid this trap? The Bible is very clear on how we should handle issues with each other. READ MORE