(Written By Jennifer Eivaz) One year ago, the Lord gave me a clear word for California while traveling to the Carmel coast. He said, “The drought is over, and the rains are coming back to California” (read it here). Thank God the rains have come, giving needed relief to this dry and thirsty land!

A Dream of 30 Tornadoes – After the massive prayer effort in Azusa last month, my heart is stirred for what is to come, and I’m passionately seeking the Lord on these matters. When I received the word in Carmel last year, I was also given a dream. Here it is again:

“I was in a two-story educational facility in the middle of a well-watered lush valley and hillside. The facility didn’t belong to me, but in the dream, I held authority to provide counsel within this building. I only saw one room on the top floor, but it needed some attention! It was dusty and the furniture was all out of place. I looked out the window and watched a white tornado hit a home about 1/3 of a mile away. It flattened the garage and then went through the interior and gutted the inside. I also knew there were 30 tornadoes coming toward this educational facility very soon. The facility leader was a pretty red-haired woman who had a small company of followers with her. I warned her in the dream about the coming white tornadoes.” READ MORE