(Larry Sparks) This Saturday, April 9, a historic gathering will take place in Los Angeles, CA. It’s expected that tens of thousands of believers will cry out for an increased and widespread outpouring of the Holy Spirit (with the vision being for over 100,000). Azusa Now, being pioneered by Lou Engle (author of The Jesus Fast and founder of the Call), represents a catalytic moment that has the potential to shape history for years to come.

While it’s obvious that the powers of darkness are advancing more and more upon the Earth, Scripture points to a simultaneous glory that would arise upon the people of God and draw in the nations of the Earth (see Isaiah 60:1-3). It’s time for us to press in and walk in this glory!

Azusa Now commemorates 110 years since the historic outpouring of the Spirit on Azusa Street (in 1906), which became the birthplace for modern Pentecostalism. Perhaps more significantly, the Azusa Street revival unveiled a key shift that took place in the heavenly realm. READ MORE