(Ron Cantor) A very good question is why hasn’t God already judged us as we deserve? Despite our massive moral failures over the decades, clearly God has not judged us according to our sins. There are several reasons for this, but this may be the biggest one:

Support for Israel from the day it was born. Harry S. Truman could not sleep on May 13, 1948. He kept seeing the face of the man who would be Israel’s first President, Chaim Weisman. Weisman had begged for his support in a previous meeting. Truman shared his feelings on the morning of the 14th with his top aide, Clark Clifford. Clifford said, “Mr. President, if you are going to recognize the Jewish State, you must do it today.” The president asked the Israeli consulate to send a request for formal recognition.

When Truman sent the letter to the diplomats, he didn’t even know the name of the new state that would be declared at 4 p.m. that day. The letter simply said “the Jewish state.”

At 9 a.m. (4 p.m. in the Middle East), it was announced in Tel Aviv that the new prime minister, David Ben Gurion, proclaimed that the Jewish state would be called the State of Israel. The president’s envoy caught up with the courier on the steps of the White House and the words “Jewish state” were scratched out and the word “State of Israel” was handwritten in its place. FULL REPORT