(Larry Tomczak) Saturday evening artistic idol Beyoncé, unveiled her new “visual album” Lemonade on national TV. President Obama has said of her, “Beyonce could not be a better role model for my girls.” First Lady Michelle was once asked by People magazine, “Who would you choose to be if you could be someone else?” Her response, “Beyonce!”

This idol is not a “role model” for our youth, and this misdirected honor needs to end. Her new album Lemonade is scandalous. One song titled “Hold Up” features her as a rage-filled maniac brandishing a baseball bat while smiling children watch. In her rampage, she smashes car windows, destroys automobiles, explodes a fire hydrant, busts business windows and obliterates a police surveillance camera. Fires erupt as she spits out expletives in vengeful glee. FULL REPORT