Wearable technology is getting even closer to your body. There have been ingestibles and implantables, and now you can add a wearable, disposable stamp to the mix. PCH has already made waves earlier this year with its L’Oreal partnership in creating the wearable UV patch. Now PCH is teaming up with MC10, a healthcare technology company that specialises in stretchable body-worn computing systems like the BioStamp, to commercialise MC10’s Wearable Interactive Stamp Platform, or WiSP for short.

Hotel room access, cashless payments, interactive experiences at amusement parks and more could be used with the platform through NFC or pairing with smartphone. Hospitals can even use the WiSP platform to transmit important patient information. But to make sure the information remains secure, the breathable, waterproof stamp is designed to tear and become unreadable upon removal. READ MORE