Prosecutors say they have evidence that at least one of the five Somali-Americans on trial in Minnesota harbored plans to do more than travel to Syria and fight for the Islamic State. Guled Ali Omar, 21, was working to set up routes for Syrian jihadists into the U.S. through Mexico, according to prosecutors. But a defense attorney for the men is trying to convince the court to suppress the evidence from being presented at trial.

The news comes on the heels of Tuesday’s report by Judicial Watch and WND that Islamic terrorists were sneaking in and out of the U.S. through the Mexican border to plan attacks. A high-ranking Homeland Security official told Judicial Watch that one ISIS operative has lived in Mexico for over a year while training thousands of jihadists to carry out attacks across the border in the U.S. Omar wanted to open up routes for jihadis from Syria to infiltrate the U.S. through Mexico. The routes would then be used to carry out terrorist attacks in America, the Clarion Project reported. FULL REPORT