UNESCO denies the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. The Arab League, Germany and the US dispute Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights. Reports reveal trends in escalating anti-Semitism worldwide.

Breaking Israel News spoke with Rabbi Pinchas Winston about the connection between rising anti-Semitism and the End of Days. Rabbi Winston began by discussing the supernatural nature of anti-Semitism. “If anti-Semitism is simply hatred of the Jewish people, you just have to stay out of the way. If it’s a Divine message then we can assume that God is saying something specific. Every time we ignore it, everything gets worse and we suffer terribly in the end.”

“Everybody who thinks seriously about anti-Semitism clearly sees there is no logic behind it. God wanted to make His point stark, so he sent the Arabs to the rest of the world to do to the rest of the world what they have done to the Jews in Israel,” he explained. FULL REPORT