Where West Virginia and Kentucky meld together, God is meeting his people. The revival is so strong that secular news sources determined it was front-page news. “The message of hope is a message that resounds with everyone,” Pastor Wayne R. Crozier, of Abundant Life Ministries in Charleston, told the State Journal. “People want hope, and that is what the church offers. The Bible describes the church as a city that is sitting on a hill, one that people can look up to—there’s hope there.”

Crozier added, “It’s my belief that our hope doesn’t come from the White House or the governor’s house—it comes from God’s house.” The hope follows a vision God gave Ryan LeStrange, an apostolic minister, co-founder of awakeningtv.com and senior leader of New Breed Revival Network.

“I watched as fire moved from the borders into the heart of state,” he previously told Charisma News of Kentucky. “The fire was going in and out, pulsating like the beating of the heart … (It’s) the ignition of many fires that are ultimately going to set the heart of the state on fire.” FULL REPORT