A recently retired Army chaplain who earned a Purple Heart in 2005 after getting injured when his convoy was ambushed in Afghanistan, is now working to ensure that military service members are able to strengthen their faith by listening to the word of God anywhere they go. Matt Cassady, an Army chaplain who retired last November after serving two tours of duty in Afghanistan, has joined Faith Comes By Hearing as its new director of chaplaincy ministries for its Military BibleStick outreach ministry.

The organization distributes digital audio devices called Military BibleSticks, which are about the size of a pack of gum and allow military service members and veterans to listen to dramatized recordings of the New Testament and selected psalms while they are busy completing their military duties. The device has been endorsed by leading evangelist Franklin Graham and the ministry has distributed over 625,000 Military BibleSticks to servicemembers, veterans and their families, free of charge, over the past seven years. FULL REPORT