The pastors of New Hope International church raised a boy to life after following the directions of the Holy Spirit, according to reports. Eric Angeles says he felt the Holy Spirit tell him to embrace the distraught father and say, “Llame el nombre de Jesus” (“Call the name of Jesus”), he told PE News. His wife, Ruth, said she “prayed in the name of Jesus. ‘Lord, just bring back life into this boy. Perform a miracle right in front of our eyes.'” And then, the Lord did indeed perform the miraculous—the boy’s eyelids began to flutter.

“I announced that he was alive and asked everyone to call on the name of Jesus,” Ruth tells PE News. “Even the man who hit him and other relatives were kneeling around the boy crying and calling on the name of Jesus.” The boy’s testimony is not the only recent one of God performing the same miracle he did for Lazarus in John 11. Pastor and evangelist Robby Dawkins gave reports of seeing the dead raised. READ MORE