“I was rushing out,” Brown said. “I have ordered multiple personalized cakes there before and I’ve never had a problem, an issue. And so I didn’t think anything of it. ‘Love Wins’ is an easy, simple word.” Brown said while he was at the stoplight near the store, he noticed an additional word on the cake, a gay slur. He said he was too upset to go back into the store so instead he drove home where he shot a video of the cake box and says the label is still on it.

Brown also called the store manager and said he was initially offered a gift card, but the manager said he would need to call him back. When he did, Brown said the manager told him there was nothing they could do for him. “I checked with my client and, like me, he doesn’t have icing at home,” said Austin Kaplan, Brown’s attorney. Kaplan said he and his client reached out to Whole Foods, but didn’t get a response. So Monday afternoon, they filed a lawsuit against the grocer. FULL REPORT