More and more, our elected leaders have taken it upon themselves to abuse our trust, abuse our rights and do whatever they can to ensure that we remain wedded to “the system” – one that they control, of course. Long gone are the days when our founding fathers valued the attributes of individuality and self-sufficiency, as another example of this – from Missouri – demonstrates. In Sugar Creek (Pop. 3,345 according to the 2010 Census), it is now illegal to grow food on your own property, and if you try, not only will you be required to destroy your garden, but you will be subjected to fines and, no doubt eventually, jail.

As reported by KSHB in Kansas City, Sugar Creek city councilmen passed an ordinance a few days ago making it illegal to grow a vegetable garden in the front yard of homes. One resident, Nathan Athans, who prides himself in being able to provide food security for his family, believes the new ordinance is aimed at him. FULL REPORT