(Larry Tomczak) Coincidentally or providentially, Newsweek magazine decided to place Jesus on its cover immediately following two large prayer gatherings, one in D.C.! Inquiring minds want to know: “What’s all this talk about Jesus Christ coming to our Nation’s Capital?” Having lived in Washington, D.C., for 24 years and worked across the street from the White House, I know it’s unusual for this kind of talk and photo to be so prominent. A regular feature on a top-rated cable news show says it best: “What the heck just happened?”

Surveys reveal that over 80 percent of Americans feel our country is off track. Statistics continue revealing startling trends regarding our moral decline. People are reaching for answers, and it’s an undisputed fact that multitudes are saying it’s time to turn back to God! Increasing numbers of citizens are saying the only way to “make America great again” is to get to the root problem, which is spiritual. And the starting point is to address leaders both spiritual and political. FULL REPORT