On April 5, only three days before Azusa Now in Los Angeles, evangelist Heidi Baker began her message by first praying for Azusa Now with this very powerful prayer. “Let Your Fire Fall Again, God” (6:05-7:03). “The same fire that fell on Azusa” (8:55). “I ask Father You gracious us for what we have been crying out, praying for, believing for another move, a great wave, Lord.

The great wave we see, the great wave we hear about, the great wave Lord God! As people thrust out, send out to the end of the earth, God. O Lord God God, Do it again, God. Just do it again, Lord.” (16:35-17:07). Baker also petitioned God that this move of the Holy Spirit would be more than temporary. “Lord, let this not be for a week, let this not be for a month … but let it be for the rest of our lives.” FULL REPORT