Glenn Beck boldly predicted Wednesday morning that current Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump will join forces with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton if he fails to secure the GOP nomination in July. “You will see Donald Trump, if he loses the primary, if he loses the nomination — and he doesn’t start a third party, which I don’t think he will — you will see Donald Trump run or campaign with Hillary Clinton,” Beck opined on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

The conservative talker said Trump would be inclined to team up with the former secretary of state because, should he lose the Republican nomination at the party’s convention this summer, he will feel it was stolen from him. “You will see him, because he’ll say, ‘They stole it from me, and Lyin’ Ted, you can’t have Lyin’ Ted.’ And he will campaign with Hillary,” Beck said. Beck’s radio show co-hosts Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray both chimed in, seeming to agree with Beck’s assertion. FULL REPORT