(Lynn Scarborough) Neither rain, snow, sleet, wind, nor sun could keep them from praying for America. The unusual spring weather was freezing but the prayer was passionate and the emotion genuine at United Cry DC16. April 9 marked a historic day as pastors, Christian leaders, churches and believers prayed for the sins of the nation and healing from pride, racial division, abortion and denominational differences. For almost eight hours, thousands gathered at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, braving strong gusting winds and well-below freezing chill factors to participate in this landmark Solemn Assembly.

United Cry DC16 was a day of tearing down the walls of division, embracing brotherhood, and building bridges that transcend rivers of prejudice and extend the kingdom of God into communities. “We believe that God has a dream for America that we are not living,” states Lewis Hogan, co-founder of United Cry, “America is in crisis, and God is the answer. There is hope for America, and we are contending for it.” The date of April 9 has historical significance, which impacted the rally. Rachel Hogan, co-founder of United Cry DC16, shared, “We had no idea how important this date was when we set the calendar. April 9 is the anniversary of the ending of the Civil War, beginning of the Azusa Street Revival and date of Detrick Bonhoeffer’s execution. FULL REPORT