Facebook has attempted to censor a Washington woman who posted viral meme-like photos opposing the push to allow men who self identify as female into women’s bathrooms after some angry viewers falsely flagged her post for “nudity.” In photos posted to Facebook earlier this month, Kristi Merritt of Lakewood, Washington, dressed up in a series of costumes to prove her point that no matter what or who she dressed up like, she will never actually be a what she appears to be in the photos.

One photo shows Merritt dressed up like a pirate, holding a sign that reads, “Does this make me a pirate?” Another photo shows Merritt wearing a sombrero and holding a Corona and a sign that states, “Does this make me a Mexican?” In another photo, Merritt wore a Russell Wilson Seattle Seahawks jersey while holding a football and a football helmet along with a sign that asks, “Does this make me Russell Wilson?” FULL REPORT