(Dutch Sheets) A spirit of grace and prayer is being poured out upon this generation, awakening us to the condition of our nation, and to the truth that divine intervention is America’s only hope (Zech. 12:10).

The growing realization that the One we for so long have rejected is the One our nation most needs, is leading us in the kind of humble repentance and consecration that historically, and scripturally, precedes great moves of God (2 Chronicles 7:14.) As I shared in a previous blog, the Lord has pronounced this “the year of Joel 2:16,” showing me that a tidal wave of prayer is beginning to sweep over America, making way for the next great move of God.

The Joel 2 passage the Lord has highlighted for this year is referenced in Acts 2, starting in verse 16—another “2:16” promise for this 2016 year! Acts 2 tells of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which marks the beginnings of an apostolic church empowered for signs and wonders. The Lord plans to release a mighty Joel 2 + Acts 2 move of His Spirit in America this year. And I believe that in order to accomplish this, He is going to ask us to do some radical things in prayer! READ MORE