Prayer brought forth a miracle for a 14-year-old who was unable to walk due to excessive tumors in his abdomen, according to reports. After multiple surgeries, Joshua Martin went to a healing ministry in Ireland. When Mark Marx asked to pray, though, he wasn’t looking at Martin’s stomach. Marx was focused on the boy’s legs.

“We hadn’t known about his leg but we were looking at him thinking: ‘He has cancer in his abdomen, why are you asking about his leg?’ What I did know is my mum and I and Joshua saw the leg growing out. We looked to check it wasn’t being pulled but Mark just had his fingertips under his heels. Joshua said, ‘This is God making my leg grow,'” his mother Kim told the Belfast Telegraph. Marx is the founder of Healing on the Streets, which was launched off the Causeway Coast Vineyard in Coleraine, Ireland. FULL REPORT