China’s DF-41 has been described as “the world’s longest-range missile,” capable of striking the US from anywhere in China, and it could be ready as early as this year, the South China Morning Post reports. “Given the number of real reported tests, it is reasonable to speculate the DF-41 will be deployed to PLA Strategic Rocket Force bases in 2016,” Richard Fisher, senior fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center in Washington told the Financial Times.

Once fielded, the DF-41 will absolutely change the game for the People’s Liberation Army’s Rocket Force. Previous sil0-based Chinese missile systems were immobile, but the DF-41 can be launched from mobile platforms. Analysts also say the missile could fly over the North Pole and hit the US within 30 minutes, or fly over the Pacific ocean in a few minutes more with a payload of ten individually targetable nuclear warheads. FULL REPORT