(Ryan Lestrange) The day after TheCall, I was ministering in Chino, California when the spirit of prophecy broke out. This is a significant prophetic word for the state, especially considering the timing with AzusaNow: “For I have called you to be a State of Innovation. For I have not called you to remain silent, but I have called you to be spiritual innovators. I’ve given you a voice, and I am healing the voice of the state of California. I have sent laborers from the four corners of the Earth into your state this weekend to begin to release healing. There was a healing call released upon the ground, upon the state and most importantly the voice of the state, for I have labeled you the State of Innovation, says the Lord.

“I am releasing a prophetic company from your borders that will carry a spirit of innovation. You shall be out ahead, says the Lord, prophetically. You shall know that this is that, says the Lord. This is a place and a territory mantled with a pioneering spirit, mantled with a prophetic edge and a prophetic anointing. I will say unto you it is time to take your place. FULL REPORT