(Mark Martin) Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, believes the world is at the end of the end times. “If I live out my natural lifetime, I believe I will live to see the return of Jesus Christ to this earth,” she said. Lotz told CBN News she bases this belief on what Jesus said in Scripture and other biblical signs.

“Matthew 24 just listed the signs, categorized them. I watch for them, and so we’re seeing signs that He said are like birth pains which means I think they increase in intensity and frequency,” she explained. “So when something is record-breaking, which the earthquakes, the snowstorms, the floods — they are record-breaking — that’s increasing in intensity. When they increase in frequency — so it’s not just one historic flood this year, but now it’s like this month, and now it’s this week, and it’s just — they’re ratcheting up in frequency and in intensity,” she said. FULL REPORT