(Ryan Lestrange) Lately I have received many messages from friends about lying accusations and spiritual attacks. It seems that as people are identifying their purpose and making strides towards their destiny the enemy is creating unnecessary conflict and distraction. It is vital that you quickly identify the lies, persecution and whispers as a spiritual attack. Every person who ever steps out to take a risk in faith faces these types of bumps. Attacks and accusations can appear to be devastating to the human mind but we must dig deep and remember that it is God that fights our battles!

Exodus 14:14- The Lord shall fight for you, while you hold your peace.”

1. Identify the source. You are not wresting against a person but the enemy (Eph. 6:!2). He is the one that is motivating the lies. Do not make the mistake of getting drawn into an offense.

2. Stay in the arena of the spirit. This is a key time that you must use your spiritual weapons. Bind the enemy and release strong victory proclamations! Pray in the spirit—when you pray in other tongues you are exiting the earth realm and entering the spirit realm! This is one of the most vital things that you must do during a season of lies and whispers.

3. Refuse to enter the realm of the flesh. One of the primary purposes of these types of battles is to weary you and get you into the flesh. When you are in the flesh you are outside of grace. You are fighting on your own strength and entertaining frustration. The enemy knows that if he can pull you out from under the shadow of The Almighty then he can vanquish you. You must make a concerted effort to stay rooted in The Father. It is an opportunity to grow and allow yourself to depend more on Him.

4. Don’t allow the lies to take root in your soul. If you have been praying, seeking and listening then you have a pretty good idea of who God has called you to be! Get out those prophecies, your prayer journal and remind yourself of what The Lord has said!

5. Let you character speak! The fruit of your life will always outlive a lie. Godly character is the greatest defense.
Be encouraged friend. If you are facing some difficulties it just means that you are a threat to the enemy! I declare PEACE and victory over you.