(Ryan Lestrange) When I began in ministry, it was with a raw passion for Jesus. My life had been turned around as a teenager, and I had been set free from the powers of darkness that had permeated every facet of my existence. The Lord sent me to a hardcore spiritual boot camp for ministry training. I moved across the nation to attend a radical Bible college where people were healed regularly, prophecy flowed like a river, and deliverance was common. There were so many lessons learned, but one thing that I learned early on was the blessing of honor. God taught me to honor His presence, to honor His Word and to show honor to the mentors He had placed in my life.

I find myself reflecting upon these and other valuable life lessons from that season of my life. I see so many strongly gifted people as I work to raise up the next generation of revivalists. The Lord has really been dealing with me about honor, submission and purity. I have witnessed a wave of prophetic voices arising who seem to be determined to sow seeds of strife, division, confusion and rebellion into the hearts of God’s people. In many ways, I believe that they do not realize what they are doing. READ MORE