(Daniel K. Norris) There is a story I share in Receptivity: Tuning into God’s Voice that illustrates how our position before God affects our receptiveness to God. The story comes from a time when I found myself in the office of my friend and mentor evangelist Steve Hill. This mighty man of God had been used as a prominent voice in the longest-running revival America has yet to see—a revival that started on Father’s Day of 1995 and continued for five straight years.

Nearly 4 million people visited the revival and were forever changed, myself included. Steve was mentored by another great revivalist named Leonard Ravenhill, who wrote the classic book Why Revival Tarries. That afternoon, I sat across the desk from Steve as he shared with me various stories about what it was like to spend time with Ravenhill. I couldn’t help but be humbled by the fact that here I was, sitting before Steve, very much like Steve sat before Ravenhill decades earlier.

The tone of Steve’s voice changed as he began to share this story and immediately shifted the atmosphere of the room. Instinctively I leaned in knowing that what Steve was about to share was too precious to be missed. He said, “I was sitting across from Leonard in his office when he called me up out of my seat and asked me to come closer.” READ MORE