(Jennifer Leclaire) I prophesied earlier this year that 2016 would be marked by shifting seasons and suddenlies. Part of those shifting seasons and suddenlies includes promotions and demotions. God is going to raise up the humble, hardworking saints and humble the prideful ones with wrong motives. Put another way, doors are going to open for some, and opportunities will diminish for others. The Lord spoke these words to me:

“I am promoting My faithful ones in this season to positions in My spirit and in the natural that defy human reasoning. My faithful ones have prayed and sought My face and walked in My will with the little things, and I am making them ruler over more in My kingdom. Those faithless ones will be demoted while my faithful ones are raised up in this hour. Those walking in pride will be brought low. Those walking in arrogance will not stand in My special places in this season. But those who have walked in the low places with Me, I will exalt and raise up and send out with an anointing to stand and withstand in this hour.” READ MORE