Republican presidential frontrunner and brash real estate mogul Donald Trump has doubled down on his claim that “Islam hates us” during and after Thursday night’s presidential debate, suggesting that Islam shows “tremendous hatred” and “virtually 100 percent” of mosques are radical. During the CNN debate in Miami, the 69-year-old Manhattan business man was asked to clarify comments he made Wednesday during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper when he said that “I think Islam hates us” and added that “tremendous hatred” partially defines the religion.

“There’s something going on that maybe you don’t know about, maybe a lot of other people don’t know about, but there’s tremendous hatred,” Trump said at the debate in response to a question by CNN’s Jake Tapper. “And I will stick with exactly what I said to Anderson Cooper.” After the conclusion of the two-hour debate, Trump was asked by CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an interview whether he thought that his Muslim employees and his Muslim friends are also “part of the hatred” that he speaks about. READ MORE