(Jennifer Leclaire) James Goll contacted me early this morning with an urgent message for the church. Although he’s not known for being political in nature, his spirit is stirred this Super Tuesday. He’s sounding the alarm in the body of Christ, hoping and praying believers take a stand for righteousness.

“If you live in the United States of America and you are a registered voter, then I want to make an appeal to you. March 1st is called Super Tuesday in the hotly contested primary elections,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “Whether you are engaged as a voter on this Tuesday or in other states in the next few weeks, please take a look at the picture I just posted.” One might think James posted an image of the U.S. Capitol building or the Supreme Court building or Congress Hall. Rather, he posted an image of the Lincoln Memorial.

“In these next few weeks, will this nation and the party of Lincoln vote for righteousness or fraud? Will we back track or move forward? Will be a nation divided or united? Righteous exalts a nation!” said Goll, president of Encounters Network. We are not voting only for the president, we are in the midst of the most serious and significant elections of my lifetime. What standards will rule the next Supreme Court? Will Congress be a lame puppet or have a true voice of conscience to submit a balanced budget? This election is about all three branches of this grand Republic!” READ MORE