“We’re in a big harvest. God is waking up a sleeping Church,” one pastor told Open Doors. “The Muslims coming to faith are ready to die for their new beliefs; that is a different kind of Christianity.” The war in Syria has devastated its population, with 7.6 million people internally displaced and 4.6 million refugees having fled the country. While the number of Christians officially in the country has decreased since the beginning of the war due to persecution, people – including Muslims – are still coming to faith in Jesus.

“What attracted me is the loving environment of the church,” said one Syrian believer from a Muslim background living in Aleppo. In February this year a church in Damascus, Alliance Church, planted a new church close to Homs; a city once dubbed the “capital of the revolution”. While the recorded number of Christians in Syria has fallen – from 1.9 million before the war to between 600,000-900,000 now, the number of Christians secretly worshipping is unknown. READ MORE