(Bill Cloud) Are some Americans selling their birthright for a win? That’s what Glenn Beck suggested in response to my previous article, “Glenn Beck’s fast and the Rise of Esau.” In that piece I suggested that, as a nation, we have adopted some of the disreputable attributes of Esau, evidenced to me by the vicious reaction of some to Mr. Beck’s call for fasting and prayer.

Since then other developments have only validated my opinion that this ancient spirit is at work in our land and also convinced me that Beck may be right. It would appear that some – including many who consider themselves to be spiritual – are willing to jettison sacred principles in order to achieve a victory. If that is so, we have become Esau and have allowed our passions to control us rather than subjecting our passions to what is right in the eyes of God.

When Rebekah, wife of the Hebrew patriarch Isaac, became pregnant, she quickly became aware that something wasn’t quite right. Indeed, she was carrying twins described as being “two peoples” who, throughout their lives, would always contend with each other for dominance. READ MORE