As the world mourns the horrific attacks in Belgium, prophetic voice Rick Joyner issued an urgent warning for the globe, and the United States in particular. “We can expect these attacks to increase, hitting cities in multiple places at once for maximum impact. The U.S. is the most prized of all targets for Islamic terrorists, and we have been made the most vulnerable by our own government policies that have failed to protect our borders. It is likely that we will soon be looking back and marveling at how naïve we have been to allow this, but until there is change we must all learn to be vigilant, becoming watchmen for our cities and communities,” Joyner posted to Facebook.

“We also must resist reacting in fear, knowing that there is no safer place than we could ever be than in the will of God. Knowing what to recognize as a threat is important, but far more important is keeping our eyes on the Lord, abiding in Him, and not letting anything steal the peace we have by abiding in the Prince of Peace. READ MORE