Ravens had not been seen nesting in Washington for more than 100 years — until now. Two of the majestic birds were spotted nesting along the Potomac River, according to the D.C. Department of Energy & Environment. The department has tracked about 240 bird species in D.C., finding nesting bald eagles last year, and nesting ravens last week, fisheries and wildlife biologist Dan Rauch said.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I find it very interesting that these Ravens haven’t been spotted in Washington for over a 100 years but have now suddenly appeared during an “Election Cycle” Ravens are many time seen as unclean birds, a sign or an omen of evil or war.

“We didn’t have eagles breeding in the district for 50 years, and when it comes to common ravens, it’s over 100, so these are two big milestones just in the last few years,” he said. The male and female ravens are nesting under a bridge. The female is doing the incubating, and he’s the lookout and provider. READ MORE