This year, as Christians mark Holy Week to prepare for Resurrection Day, Jews celebrated Purim on March 24. Purim is based on the book of Esther. The merry festival recounts God’s victory over His enemies’ attempt to annihilate the Jews. Calendar convergence of the two holidays is quite rare. Yet prophetic parallels exist in the highly unusual confluence. (Resurrection Day does not occur by the Hebrew calendar until after Passover, but God mercifully speaks to His people through a variety of ways and means.)

First, the back story: Both holidays reflect the ongoing war of Amalek against Yahweh. In this war, God Himself battles for His people (Ex. 17:14-16). Amalek was a descendant of Esau. In the Scriptures Amalek epitomizes the spirit of anti-Semitism and is driven by pure evil. By extension, the Amalek spirit can manifest as the spirit of antichrist. On both Purim and Resurrection Day, God wondrously defeats Amalek, gaining sure victory for His people. READ MORE