(Lisa Great) The funny thing about character is that it is an inside job, but it is evident on the outside when something does not go someone’s way. We call it the fires of adversity, whcih brings the dross to the surface. Fire not only reveals the impurities in a person’s life, but it also reveals that which has been hidden. In a very public world with social media, people can no longer just have opinions over coffee, they feel the need to go public with their thoughts. Jesus never had a problem with people’s opinions. Peter rebuked Him in public, the sons of Zebedee called fire down from heaven, and Thomas said, if I don’t see I won’t believe. So, going public is not the issue, the issue is what you are revealing about yourself by going public. One of the many things God is doing right now is exposing people for who they really are.

There are many things being exposed right now in a very public way and I think many more things will be exposed, but this is not a license to start throwing stones. When the disciples were publicly discussing who was the greatest among them, Jesus did not say, “How dare you want to be great,” but tweaked their understanding of what greatness is by bringing a little child near and saying, if you want to be great, be like a child. I am thankful the church is speaking out, I am glad people have a platform to share their ideas, thoughts and opinions about a variety of subjects. READ MORE