Pastor Saeed Abedini, an Iranian-American pastor who spent 3 1/2 years imprisoned for his faith and was released in January, visited Liberty University Convocation on Friday to share His testimony of how God providently used his persecution. “I am very proud of our God and the way that He is faithful,” Abedini said, speaking English rather than his native Iranian tongue. “It doesn’t matter what is taking stances (against you), what situation you go (through), always your faith in Jesus Christ in the darkest place really works, and brings light in every darkness.”

Abedini sat down with David Nasser, Liberty’s senior vice president for spiritual development, in an informal Q-and-A, sharing how he converted from Islam to Christianity and then began to evangelize in his home country. Though in Iran it is illegal to stop religious activity, Abedini was repeatedly imprisoned for his soul-winning and asked to renounce his faith. Eventually, Iran’s government accused him of being a threat to the state because he had led many thousands to convert to Christianity. It was then, in the summer of 2012, that Abedini was given an eight-year sentence and eventually sent to Evin Prison, considered one of the world’s worst prisons. READ MORE