In order for God to heal our land, Steven Andrew is asking everyone in the USA to repent of national sins from now to May 5, 2016, which is the National Day of Prayer. “We see God’s judgment on our nation with terrorism, financial dangers and environmental issues,” Andrew said. He is pastor of USA Christian Church and author of “God’s Plan for the USA.” “It is urgent that we get our hearts right with God so our country is safe, better jobs are restored and God gives us the best political leaders,” Andrew said.

Participants are repenting with a prayer that Andrew wrote, a checklist of 12 national sins. He believes these sins have caused the nation’s financial, moral and family troubles. The repentance prayer includes sins from false gods to serving money, and from unholy laws to adultery, fornication and homosexuality. Each person is asked to repent of their personal sins. The prayer can be downloaded on the pastor’s Two Months of National Repentance web page. READ MORE