someone needs to call Stan Lee at Marvel to tell him there’s a new superhero in town by the name of Cecile Richards. She masquerades as Planned Parenthood CEO by day and dons the alter-ego “Moloch” by night. Well, not really, but President Obama seems to think she is superpowered. Speaking at an event celebrating Women’s History Month, President Obama showered praise upon Cecile Richards.

His comments were prefaced by a shoutout to Sana Amanat, a comic book creator known for “Ms. Marvel” (secret identity Kamala Khan), the first Muslim superhero. “For a lot of young boys and girls, Sana is a real life superhero,” Obama said. “We’ve got a lot of them in this room.” “I want to acknowledge a couple of them,” he said before turning to Richards. “First of all, we’ve got Cecile Richards in the house, making sure women’s health care is on the front burner.” READ MORE